The Art of Looking Closely


Speculum for Vitiated VanitiesJared Davison’s photo art focuses on exposing and magnifying the secret beauties inherent in the disintegration of derelict environments.

The hustle and bustle of metropolitan life causes the proliferation of abandoned locations. Through re-framing and re-contextualization, Jared shows us that our neglect is not out of sight and mind.

Jared has taken his work as an electroacoustic composer and applied the principle of attentive listening towards his photographic art. Listening and looking carefully exist in equal measure as mindful practices. Jared’s work encourages intimate viewing, transforming the unnoticed and revealing the concealed magnificence in the infinitesimal.

The weathered, the eroding, the forlorn and desolate; these are the subjects of scrutiny in Jared’s work as an urban explorer.

He invites you to take a closer look.