Jared DavisonA founding member of the Foto-RE collective, Jared Davison’s avant-garde vision has been enriching the arts community since 2009 with exhibitions in Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge and Toronto.

Jared’s photographic sleuthing has been an ongoing subject of local interest and has been seen at KW/AG, CIGI Theatre, The Artery, the City of Waterloo Museum, WalterFedy, The Tannery, and other exhibition spaces.

Having a firm belief in the principle of giving back to the community, Jared has donated his work and proceeds to causes such as Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region, the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Status, The Working Centre, and the Argus Residence for Young People.

With a passion for a thriving aesthetic culture in our region, Jared has volunteered his time and otherwise supported vital community arts organizations such as BOX Art Show, Open Ears Festival of Music & Sound, and Arts Awards Waterloo Region. He currently serves as Marketing Director for The Elora Festival.