Mar 122014
Jared Davison Photography - AWOL

Another Worker on Leave

Optics: portraits of nostalgia
Jared Davison, Brian Douglas and Patrick Stieber

March 22 – May 4, 2014
FNAL Opening: Friday, March 28 at 7:00pm

Optics: portraits of nostalgia is a group exhibition of urban photography that documents fragments of Waterloo region. Three artists represented have a keen eye for documenting the banal, the overlooked, and the charm of the forgotten. Jared Davison, Brian Douglas and Patrick Stieber contribute selected prints from three respective series that share a common thread of nostalgia for urban portraits of the region while approaching their choice of subject matter in distinct ways.

Jared Davison’s series Tomorrow Disappears: Vanishing Industry in Ontario is an intimate look into our abandoned industrial past through images of odd details and their continued decay. Patrick Stieber contributes several prints from his Monuments series which shows the forgotten rural histories of the region in the stoic beauty of the tower silos found throughout. Brian Douglas’s works explore the familiar sites, but through a focus on spaces or objects that may be seen as blemishes to a picture perfect story. Grouped together, the works present a dialogue between small moments of histories within our landscape that leap bounds esthetically and move us to a much larger contemplation of the built environment.

Idea Exchange, Preston

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For more information visit, call 519.621.0460 or follow on Twitter @CGalleries. Admission is free; all are welcome.

Media Contact
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Sep 022013

Tomorrow Disappears

Rotunda Gallery Kitchener City Hall September 2013 exhibit:

Tomorrow Disappears: Vanishing Industry in Ontario by Jared Davison

Meet the artist: Thursday, September 5, 5-7 p.m.

Jared Davison’s exhibit, Tomorrow Disappears: Vanishing Industry in Ontario, documents through photography the grim reality of the changing landscape of industry in the province and shows there is beauty to be found in these forlorn and desolate environments.

“Once vibrant workplaces throughout Ontario now echo with the impact of plant closures on our economy and social environment,” says Davison. “Many buildings, now abandoned, are left to the ravages of time while others have been demolished or adapted and re-purposed.”

Tomorrow Disappears features images from demolished manufacturing plants and abandoned factories such as the Breithaupt Block, Dominion Electrohome, McCormick’s Candy Factory, Budd Automotive, the William Street Pump Station and RMS Machinery.